Floating Pictures is a Stockholm-based art production studio. We explore creative expression and participation in the  public space through urban projections, participatory community engagement and interactive media art. We collaborate with local communities, urban designers, other artists, researchers, festivals, municipalities, commercial agencies and other creative studios. We aim to create visually and artistically innovative and inclusive productions and events. Our main partners are Digital Art Center at the Department for Computer Science at Stockholm University.


In collaboration with Digital Art center at stockholm University have created expressions and tools so that the urban space can become a collaborative space to fill with color and light for all. We do large-scale, interactive light art installations in the urban space that engage - The city as a canvas. With the support of new technologies such as computer vision and neural networks, everyone can be invited to participate. Using a light source, e.g. the built-in lamp found in most mobile phones is enough to be part of the creation.


We see the need to create a wider participation in the urban room, especially for those who usually do not have the opportunity to use the public space as an arena for their own expression. We have worked with inclusive and co-created light art in public environments since 2013 both in Sweden and abroad. Our mission is to create  public light art that invites people and communities to become co-creators in their own cities. 



We have moved the method  of Urban Projections indoors to museums, dance scenes and events to enable explorations into new forms of spacial visual interaction  where performers, visitors and audiences can meet the space and become co-creators of the room they are in. 


We are a collective of artists, producers, interaction designers, programmers, media technologists, pedagogues, urban designers and academic researchers. We belive in creative innovation through cross polination and hybrid collaboration. 

We are always open to mew ideas and proposals so please get in touch if  you have an idea that you want to discuss!


We are always curious to get involved in new projects. Please let us know what you are up to and how we can collaborate!